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Asset Management Services Purchasing and Deploying hardware is a Significant Investment for all Organisations. Maximising that Investment requires the Right Information and Insights to keep your hardware Optimised. With EXCEED ICT, know... Read More

Aspect by EXCEED ICT, combines complex Information Processing with Web based Presentation to deliver an Intuitive, Flexible and Accessible tool for Management, Analysis and Reporting of Telecommunication Services. >>Security 1. Hosted securely... Read More

A simple flexible and modular mobility solution for Enterprise that adapts with your business. Adaptive Mobility gives you the best mobility plan and foundation to redefine how work gets done Choose from... Read More

The freedom to connect your enterprise — anywhere. Connect your people, places, and things with LTE and 5G for an enterprise Wireless WAN. Enterprise Grade Hardware 1. CRADLEPOINT CBA850 SERIES 2. IBR900 SERIES RUGGEDIZED... Read More

>> Enterprise Wireless Connect your business quickly and work with guaranteed network availability on a wireless solution you can trust. Guaranteeing network availability on your Enhanced Enterprise Wireless connectivity, so you can... Read More

This acquisition is part of Exceed ICT’s strategy to become Australia’s largest growing innovator, integrator, and service delivery partner for Telstra by 2025. The acquisition strengthens Exceed ICT’s IoT, communications &... Read More

Zoleo Satellite Communicator | EXCEED ICT

Global Satellite Communicator No mobile coverage?* No worries! ZOLEO transmits messages over satellite, mobile network, and Wi-Fi for a truly seamless global messaging experience. Ruggedly designed, location-aware and Iridium-based, the ZOLEO satellite communicator... Read More

We can set up and or manage your Device Enrolment Platforms and Enhanced tools: >> Apple Business Manager (ABM) >> KNOX Mobile Enrolment (KME) >> Google Zero touch >> Auto-pilot >> Telstra Device-Enrolment Service (DES) >>... Read More

Send encrypted documents and request digital signatures to and from clients and third parties. Exceed Secure2Client is an API that integrates with your existing software solutions enabling you to encrypt and... Read More

In today’s connected world, reliable mobile phone coverage is essential to both business and home where a single phone call can make or break a deal or put a worrying... Read More