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With a trained and experienced team, we provide effective commercial AC installation services to Buildings and businesses. We are highly experienced and offer expertise in the field of Commercial AC... Read More

How Does A Solar Battery Works?

A solar battery is a type of battery that is specifically designed to store the excess electricity generated by a solar energy system, allowing homeowners to use the stored electricity... Read More

4FT LED ARCHITECTURAL LINKABLE UP-DOWN LIGHT TLWL-LSUD SERIES LED linear light features a sturdy aluminum body with a plastic diffuser and offers energy saving with a high color rendering index lighting... Read More

Sunpark LED Wall Sconce Fluorescent FL901 Vendor: Sunpark Electronics MFG ID: FL901SKU: Shade: High Transmission Acrylic Creates Excellent Light Distribution and Uniformity Housing: Die-formed Cold-rolled Steel Certification: ETL/cETL or UL/cUL Listed Shade: High Transmission Acrylic Creates... Read More

A smart charging "Mode-3" application that is perfect for charging an electric vehicle battery is an EV charging station that is permanently connected to an AC power supply and has... Read More

How Long Will a Solar Battery Last?

When it comes to solar energy systems, one of the key components to consider is a solar battery. A solar battery is a type of battery that is specifically designed... Read More

24W 12" LED FLAT DISK PANEL LIGHT, 1920lm, 3CCT Downlight Vendor: Techno LED MFG ID: TL-FDPL2-12-24W-xxKSKU: 3000K/4000K/5000K Working Voltage: AC120V Efficiency: Up to 80 Lm/W CCT Tunable: 3000K / 4000K / 5000K $38.44 Ultra-Slim Downlight Retrofit engineered for... Read More

Electrical earthing is a process of connecting an electrical equipment to the ground. This helps in protecting the equipment from any kind of electrical shock. There are different types of... Read More

High voltage circuit breakers maintenance is essential. High-voltage versions of low-voltage circuit breakers with very similar functions to trip when excess current or voltage is detected. These devices also disconnect... Read More

Electrical Commissioning & Testing

Electrical commissioning & testing of equipment are two essential aspects of maintaining your plant. These activities ensure you get the most out of your equipment, which will help you maximize... Read More