Future of food and agriculture on Global Front

Agriculture is said to be the most prestigious as well as an important job. A farmer not only works to fulfil his needs but takes care of the nation by feeding them. Since the practice has taken place since the evolution, the job hasn’t garnered its reputation. Excluding the developed countries, the developing countries’ economy and the underdeveloped countries rely entirely on agriculture’s shoulders. Therefore, keeping the facilities related to the sector intact becomes the prime motive of any country. The country will become a developed economy only when there are combined efforts of agriculture and economic reforms. Thus, the crux of development is completely dependent upon food and agriculture.

The technology is growing at a rapid pace. Farming and agriculture have benefitted from the same. The developed economies have the resources to conduct experiments and come with a solution for the ongoing problems. These tried and tested agricultural irrigation and water supplies techniques and equipment are often exported to the rest of the countries. Both countries take full advantage of this exchange. For instance, India’s agricultural exports to Israel will help India economically and Israel by advancement in technology.

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