Haemorrhoid Prevention and Management for Desk Job Workers

Haemorrhoids are a painful medical condition that affects millions of people around the world. Sitting for a long period in the same position is one of the major causes of piles, and desk job workers are at a higher risk of developing piles. Mentioned below are some haemorrhoidal prevention and management methods that can help you fight piles of pain.
Prioritize your movement: take short breaks during work and walk around a little bit. Do a bit of stretching that will be helpful in improving blood circulation and reducing pressure on the rectum area.
Fibre-rich diet: A fibre-rich diet works to improve bowel movement, reduce constipation, and prevent bloating.
Hydration: drinking plenty of water is a necessary step for our overall health and well-being. Other than that, it is also very helpful in maintaining proper bowel movements.
Ayurvedic treatment for piles: Ayurvedic practices provide a holistic approach to piles. Ayurvedic treatment includes lifestyle changes such as a fibre-rich diet, regular exercise, and proper sleep. Other than that, ayurvedic pile capsules can also be a great help in improving bowel health.