Picoxystrobin 22.52% SC I Fungicide Manufacturer & Exporter I Peptech Biosciences

Picoxystrobin 22.52% SC is a versatile systemic fungicide classified under the strobilurin group, known for its broad-spectrum effectiveness. This fungicide is employed to combat various plant diseases, including brown rust, tan spot, powdery mildew, and net blotch. Picoxystrobin 22.52% SC falls into FRAC Group 11 and is recognized as a quinone-outside inhibitor (QoI). QoIs are a class of chemicals that specifically interact with the quinone outer binding site of the cytochrome bc1 complex. In the case of Picoxystrobin, it binds to ubiquinol oxidase, a vital respiratory protein. These QoI compounds, including Picoxystrobin, curtail the development of pathogenic fungi by hindering cellular respiration, essentially impeding electron transfer within the mitochondria.