The Best of the Scribes of Heru, Volume 1

Behold Volume I of "The Best of the Scribes of Heru." Contained herein exist wondrous tales crafted from the pens of the scribes, incubated and curated in monthly workshops immersed in African American culture. The woven ideations of poetry, prose, fiction, and drama often offer supernatural expressions of where we have been and are destined to go: a girl's memories that unravel adult secrets, a young adventurer travels south, a woman's riddance of a stalker in the night, a tale of love spanning seventy years, and a murderous plot from the '70s. An Afro-Cuban Bata drumming guide and a tribute to P-Funk Master Bernie Worrell round out this inaugural anthology.

This anthology is part of a literary underground railroad…In the 1920s, Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, and Sterling Brown sustained Black literature and orature. In the 1960s, it was the Watts Writers Workshop (1965-1973), Umbra Workshop (1964), Hoyt Fuller and Haki Madhubuti’s OBAC (1967), and now The Scribes of Heru.
From the Foreword by Ishmael Reed