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Top Hasya Kavi Kavita Tiwari, 8889977811 | MY KAVI SAMMELAN

Kavita Tiwari is a very famous poetess. She keeps women power alive in her poetries. Her words go viral on social media, get a lot of views and inspire everyone.... Read More

Top Ten Hasya Kavi Of India, 8889977811 | MY KAVI SAMMELAN

Kavi Sammelan is a tradition of entertainment and thoughtfulness at the same time and under the same roof. India has been carrying this tradition since ages. The country has witnessed... Read More

Holi Kavi Sammelan, 8889977811 | MY KAVI SAMMELAN

Holi, the festival of colours, love, laugh and life. The festival which creates a glaze of happiness in the atmosphere , the festive that automatically leads to a beautiful smile... Read More

How to Organize a Hasya Kavi Sammelan, 8889977811 | MY KAVI SAMMELAN

The history of the tradition of Kavi Sammelans is almost a century old. This entire century gave India many such poets whose indelible mark remained on the hearts of Indian... Read More

Best Indian Hasya Kavi Shailesh Lodha, 8889977811 | MY KAVI SAMMELAN

Shailesh Lodha, who became a household name after Tarak Mehta Ka ooltah chashma, is not only a good actor but also a renowned poet. Whenever he recites poetry, people shower... Read More

Top Stand Up Comedians, 8889977811 | MY KAVI SAMMELAN

For all the Hasya Kavi Sammelan Organizers out there we have the best laughter artists who can tickle the audience to their fullest. This list is too long but out... Read More

Best Kavi Sammelan Organizers, 8889977811 | MY KAVI SAMMELAN

My Kavi Sammelan is a platform ensures you to find the best poets for your event. An organizer who wants to organize a Kavi Sammelan on any date and in... Read More

Kavi Sammelan in Delhi, 8889977811 || MY KAVI SAMMELAN

Delhi is more or less a hub of many poets including the star poets like Dr Kumar Vishwas, Shambhu Shikhar, Anamika Ambar, etc. To organize an energetic Kavi Sammelan in... Read More

Top Hasya Kavi Sammelan, 8889977811 || MY KAVI SAMMELAN

Hasya Kavi Sammelan is organized by many organizations. These events are generally studded by some very famous Hasya Kavi like Shambhu Shikhar, Suresh Albela, Munna Battery, Chetan Charchit, Himanshu... Read More

Top Hasya Kavi Sammelan, 8889977811 || MY KAVI SAMMELAN

Hasya kavi Chetan Charchit is the fresh voice of satire and the youngest poet of Kavi Sammelan. Chetan charchit has won everyones heart by reciting his poetry in many TV... Read More